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'The Rock Pool School'


Our items are released with limited stock to reduce our carbon foot print! AND, all items are made from completely sustainable and recyclable materials!


Didn't you know? Reins Clothing LOVES the ocean. That's why all of our designs reflect what creatures and colours you might find below the surface!


Your support means more than ever for small businesses this year. And here at Reins we can't thank you enough for the continued support we receive from our customers.

Come And See Us!


This episode of Ocean Dwellers is with the AMAZING 'Max Neale'

Matt: What is your favourite Ocean Dweller Max!

Max: "A squid!"

Matt: Why do you like this Sea Creature?

Max: "They Battle with sharks so I like them"

Matt: Can you tell us any fun facts about Squids, or maybe your favourite part about them? 

Max: "My favourite part is it has tentacles and a fun fact is, it grabs fish with them. That's their food, they eat them"

Matt: Are you aware of the climate problems happening to our Mother Earth and do you/your family have any ways (Little/Big) in which you help!

Max: "Trash is everywhere, let's get it off the ocean floor, and the earth like me and mummy"

Matt: If you could go for a swim with your favourite Sea Creature, where would you swim to? It can be absolutely anywhere!

Max: "I would swim to Hawaii and in a beautiful ocean with no trash"

Thank you so much for your answers Max, they were beautifully put. Stay tuned for our next episode of Ocean Dweller's, where we discuss your Little's favourite sea creatures, and learn a little bit about sustainability and small steps we all can make to a more sustainable living!



Rein's Christmas List

Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher


Keep it Sustainable Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Keep it Sustainable Crew Neck Sweatshirt



So much effort has gone into making our brand not only environmentally conscious, but also accessible! We believe that putting a high price on sustainability, hinders it’s inclusivity. Reins Clothing, reflects our passion towards protecting our Mother Earth, as well as our love for adorable and affordable clothes for Little’s! 



Who doesn't love a GIVEAWAY! Go to our instagram account (Reins_Clothing) for the chance to win!

Up for grabs is one of our amazing 'Keep It Sustainable' crewnecks, a pair of our 'Rock Pool' leggings, and our fabulous 'Matriach' socks! GOOD LUCK!


We ensure our designs are ones that your Little's would choose for themselves. And what better way, than to ask if they'd like to contribute their own designs!

This Jacket is made up of designs by Little's. We absolutely loved this project; it allowed some self expression, and allowed our clothing brand to transform into a platform for some of the amazing artists that contributed to this coat. A special thank you to Susannah Rachel, Rad Kid Society, Hayley Hawthorne, Chloe Horrigan and Gywneth for their input in this project! You were fantastic, and we can't wait to launch more interactive projects like this, going forward.

Thank you for your support! #shoplocal


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