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Passion for fashion but perplexed by plastic? 

Well yeah, me too! I have a confession. I love fashion. Kids, women’s, men’s – I love it! I also love our planet. I am conscious of my impact on our world and know that there is always room to improve. So, branching out into my own environmentally conscious clothing line was always going to be a challenge. I  totally underestimated how challenging it would be. In this, the first in a series of blogs I hope to give some background to Reins as a company, introduce our amazing contributors so far and try to be honest about the challenges we have faced and the journey we have begun…

We started with the things we knew. Fast fashion takes a toll on the environment. So, first and foremost we had to be about a quality brand. Clothing that is made to last. We know that the multiple stages of manufacturing and transportation for just one garment leaves a huge carbon footprint. So, we knew our range had to be manufactured here, in the UK. We knew that even natural fabrics can be problematic. It takes over 5000 gallons of water to produce enough cotton to make a single t shirt and pair of jeans! So, we looked beyond to see what was already there? Which single material was in desperate need of finding a further use? We didn’t need to think too hard – plastic.

At the time of writing this blog new research has discovered that there are now ocean’s where plastic outnumbers marine life by seven to one. Our usage has to be reduced; this we know. Now, let’s be serious. We are not for one minute suggesting that we are some kind of crusaders saving the planet by making children’s clobber! But we are giving our materials thought. We are re-using a material that would otherwise go to landfill or worse, into the oceans. We carefully sourced 100% GRS certified polyester made from RPET plastic. The zips are made from recycled plastic and we encourage our buyers not to wash but spot clean our coats. I’m a Mam myself, so I know that sometimes, only a wash will do. That’s why we suggest buying your own Guppy Bags as their wonderful wash bags stop mirco-plastics entering the water system.

We care. We are learning and we are on a journey and hope to bring some people with us.

We have already picked up friends along the way. Our designs are locally sourced from the wonderful Amber Badger. Her beautifully whimsical illo’s have captured the movement of the ocean perfectly and we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved together.

In Kira … What a woman! She is a serious powerhouse when it comes to design and fashion. She’s single handily brought the inside of my brain into reality and for this I shall be eternally grateful and quite frankly in awe. We are only as good as those we work with after all and if I’m working with this kid then I’m golden 🖤

So here we are, an ocean inspired range, made by the very thing we are polluting our oceans with. We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far, well, people keep telling me I should be proud but it’s hard to hear. But what I do know is we are a local company. At this moment in time it’s just me and some incredibly talented local ladies who have brought what was an idea into a living, breathing brand.

I, like everyone else, have a long way to go in truly making the difference I want for me, my children, the rest of humanity and all creatures great and small (there’s a song in that somewhere!) We hope this is the first blog and first range of many for reins clothing.

We hope to welcome guest bloggers, guest designers and of course add more to the range. On that note, we love Amber’s designs so much we have added leggings, t-shirt and tote bags! Like I said at the start, I love fashion, I love our planet, thankfully now I don’t have to make a choice.

Rhi 🖤