Ollie. Our favourite Octopus.

A shift in the tides, ‘Ollie The Octopus’ marks a movement towards a brighter future. Combining hemp based materials with the ‘charmingly lumpy and joyfully wonky characters’ of Lydia Hignett’s ‘Intangible Object’s’, Reins clothing aims to reinvent the already high standards for eco friendly kids-wear, as well as bridge the sometimes overwhelming gap between sustainability and affordability through unique designs, interactive elements, and an emphasis on emerging cultures surrounding skateboarding that are proving to be extremely beneficial to the mental health and well-being of children. 


Our brand is our platform, and it allows us a unique ability to consciously support other independent female lead brands, initiatives and charities. It is fundamental to us that our platform operates under this premise, as we are aware of the challenges women in industry face. For this drop, we are collaborating with our favourite artist on the current Liverpool scene, Lydia Hignett; Lydia Hignett’s sought after ‘Intangible Objects’ can be held accountable for the aforementioned ‘Charmingly lumpy and joyfully wonky characters’ you will find brightening the doorways of certain Liverpool independents.  Heavily saturated with Hip-Hop culture, Lydia’s abstract entities are infusions of soulful character and the unapologetic visual attitude of street art. 


Primarily hemp based, ‘Ollie The Octopus’ provides some insight into the future of Reins. Recent Drapers Fashion finalists for ‘Best Carbon Footprint Initiative’ and ‘Best use of Green Technologies’, our company aims to not just maintain a sustainable brand operation, but to actively combat climate change in a way that is thoughtful and productive. It is essential that we wade into new territories, within the realms of sustainable fashion, to further expand our knowledge of what it means to be eco-friendly, and how we can further reduce our impact. This idea has inspired our slow transition to hemp material. Hemp, in this regard, completely eradicates the need or use of harmful pesticides; this is beneficial in that hemp not only allows, but actively promotes biodiversity and thus contributes positively to our Mother Earth.  The amount of water required for production, is dramatically less than what is required in the production of cotton counterparts and, as a fabric, hemp currently leads the way in terms of hypoallergenic properties and recyclability. 


A study conducted by Instinct Laboratory and Flo Skatepark, has shown involvement in skateboarding can reduce stress, increase confidence and provide escapism for individuals. And in this last year, the amount of people picking up the board for the first time has grown exponentially, with the largest observable increase in females picking up the board for the first time. Slowly gaining recognition for the beneficial subculture that it is, skateboarding has been a defining inspiration for our upcoming drop’, Ollie The Octopus’. ‘Ollie’ getting his name from the famous trick ‘The Ollie’, coined in the early 90’s, represents so much more than just skateboarding. Here at Reins, arguably one of the largest contributing factors to our brand identity, and above all one of the reasons for Reins coming into fruition, was accessibility; our aim has always been to bridge the overwhelming gap between sustainability and affordability. 


It is with this in mind that ‘’Ollie The Octopus’ will be accompanied by completely free, easy to use, skateboarding tutorials, aimed to help beginners find their feet, and build their confidence! . This interactive element will be lead by the owner of Liverpool based company ‘Matt’s Skate Skool’! As well as this, our very talented ambassadors will be demonstrating their various skills in surfing and skateboarding, to inspire and potentially teach their fellow little’s.