Our sustainable SPRING22 release

So, as some of you may know, a consistent goal of Reins, has been to create affordable kids wear, that is also sustainable and of the highest quality. So often sustainable products are kept out of reach for low income families and individuals, and it is with this, that we at Reins decided we might be able to bridge this gap. Our 'Ollie The Octopus' emblem

Our SPRNG22 'Ollie The Octopus' release is made entirely from either recycled or extremely low impact materials. We have even made a first step towards one of our goals, which is to become a primarily hemp based sustainable brand. There are so many beneficial aspects of hemp material; primarily because hemp uses around 80% less water in production, than its cotton counterparts. 

Our hemp jeans, available 'Made to order' to reduce wastage

Our T Shirts are made from a recycled cotton, with all screen printing done via non-toxic water based dyes, from companies based in the UK. In being an environmentally friendly brand, with an eco-friendly ethos, it is essential that our carbon footprint remain small. Using localised supply chains allows us to keep our emissions at an extremely low output. 

Our 'Ollie The Octopus' kids T

Not only are our products made from sustainable materials, but with the purchase of any Reins product, a tree is planted! With the help of C-FREE we have been able to ensure that this happens, and have spent a great deal of time learning their methods on maintaining a low carbon footprint. 

Thanks for reading this blog insert, we are passionate about the environment and it is crucial to us that we are as transparent as possible with our customer base, we hope you have enjoyed learning about our eco-friendly journey!