Words from Sustainable Birds

This weeks Words from sustainable birds is brought to you by Kate Auguste owner of mi apparel, activist, sassy pocket rocket and mentor of mentors (ps she doesnt know or agree to being ours, she just is!! 😂)
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Weirdest thing you’ve recycled

Probably about a 1000 DVD’s & sleeves. The workers at the recycling centre probably thought I use to be a knock-off DVD seller! I’m not, there is a reasonable explanation for it - and a boring one at that HA!
First memory of being sustainable/waste reducing etc (ie mum using ice cream tubs for school lunch etc)
Being dressed up as the old curtains! My mum is an amazing seamstress (hobby & self taught) She is SO creative! So when there was nothing that need to be changed fabric wise, that fabric would be turned into something else. One time My dad & brother had matching A-Team shirts from his old duvet set.
Forever saving the buttons on anything for the button jan and using scraps to show me how to make scrunchies & clothes for my barbies.

What does sustainability mean to you?

It’s a journey! It’s the over arch of a lifestyle to be more sustainable in the things we do, purchase & live in our lives.
What has been the hardest thing to let go of in your sustainable journey ?

You know, I had to think hard about this one, going through what I purchase and personally I haven’t found it hard to let go of anything. I suppose you could say it’s been a good challenge to find an alternative.
Though if you ask my husband, he misses cling-film & kitchen towels! HA!

Who do you admire in the sustainable living community?

Anyone who is willing to make a change for the better. For themselves, family, community, world. It’s all those underdogs doing the little things that create the ripple effect to have a greater impact.
Tips for shopping sustainable
Look for the alternative! There is always something better out there than the convince one, and when you take a step back from your purchases your really not in that much of a rush to have it today.

Also when we take our time, it’s more than likely you don’t need it and you change your mind on the purchase.
I think it’s always great to have a wish list of the things you would LOVE and save up for them and then you will love it even more rather impulse purchasing something cheap. Stay away from trends and go for items for your own personal style. At the end of the day, why look like everyone else when you can be yourself!
How do you create less waste - tips/tricks

Stop buying crap and people will stop making crap!
Look for items not incased in plastic and is there an alternative! for example my kids love those dairylea dunkers. and I’m like no lets buy everything separate because one it’s cheaper, less plastic and you get more when we do it ourselves!
I tell the kids that Santa is all for reducing waste so he won’t be wrapping all your gifts at Christmas, he just pops them in a sack and only a couple of token gifts are wrapped. I’ve done this for 2 years now and the kids are down with it.

Who should we be following?

Me? @miappareluk haha!
• @EthicalHour - The largest community for ethical & sustainable changemakers
• @ShopEthicalInstead - To find Ethical Independents across the globe!
• @Reins_Clothing - For fun, creative new Eco Kids Clothing
• @Pure_Bundle - Preloved collections in bundles for newborns
• @tahira_makeup - Vegan Make Up Artist who shares her Eco Beauty finds!
• @ElizaElizaUK - Beautiful Sustainable Accessories, partnering with charities
• @livefrankly_ - A lifestyle guide for the conscious and confused
• @SophieBenson - Journalist who cuts through the bull shit in sustainability
• @Fash_Rev - A movement that values People & Planet in our fashion industry
• @TheSeagull - Lucy Siegle, for everything she does! I’m probably a stalker ha!

Future goals...go!

For work - Maybe my own mi apparel collection?
For life - Making sure we're all happy, healthy, loved and keeping up the good fight by contributing better for our planet and people.