Words from sustainable birds

Amber Badger is an artist and illustrator from Liverpool. She is the illustrator of our first collection and just the most wonderful Mama to her baby boy.

Weirdest thing you’ve recycled?

Bad life drawings? Hope the bin men didn’t spot them 😬 


First memory of being sustainable?

My dad is an artist and has been sculpting robots, cars, fish, you name it, out of empty tin cans and biscuit boxes since before I was born. My dad taught me about recycling and upcycling before it was common practice.


What does sustainability mean to you?

Living with perspective. Knowing that your actions have consequences and making choices which reflect that understanding.


What has been the hardest thing to let go of in your sustainable journey?

The blissful ignorance of being unaware of the damage that living unsustainably causes? Not really, I’m so grateful to be conscious and therefore to be able to decide to live differently, but it was definitely easier before because that’s how society is laid out for consumers. The ease of just picking what you want off a shelf within mass-produced retail. I try to get everything that I can second hand now, as it’s the affordable sustainable choice, but it massively slows down the process of purchasing something you need. Which has its own benefits, and I do really enjoy the extra thought that goes into purchases now, but it was frustrating at first whilst I got used to the switch. And not getting acrylic nails any more, learned to love the natural look though! 


Who do you admire in the sustainable living community?

I follow a few Instagram accounts who are hugely inspiring in their approach to sustainability, I’ll link them below. But mostly I admire everyday people who are quietly making little changes here and there as they open their eyes to the movement more and more.


Tips for shopping sustainable?

eBay everything  😂  don’t be snobby about second hand clothes! eBay, Depop, Gumtree (there are others, but these are my most frequented) really scratch the thrifting itch when you can’t visit a vintage shop or something because you’ve got a toddler in tow, or because there’s a pandemic. If I’m making a special purchase like a gift or something I really need that I want to invest in then I’ll enjoy the unhurried process of browsing sustainable brands and making a considered purchase, but buying pre-loved is a great alternative which prevents so much waste.


How do you create less waste?

I pick the fruit and vegetables which aren’t wrapped in plastic where it’s possible. I try to be organised enough to buy in bulk where I can which reduces packaging waste. When I need to get rid of clothes or furniture, I either sell them on or give to friends/family. If the item isn’t sellable then I will recycle it. H&M have fabric recycling in all of their stores which is something I’ve only discovered recently and have made lots of use of since.


Who to follow?















Future goals

When I’m not buying second hand, to be able to buy new from sustainable brands exclusively. Obviously the optimum future goal is to be completely zero waste, how incredible would that be.