Words from sustainable birds X Louise King

Words from sustainable birds this week is brought to you by Louise King. We've been watching Louise from afar for a long time. In short she's a force! She's currently revolutionising the hairdressing industry with her vegan and natural haircare products and practices over at Wilderness Hair We particularly love her foraging with her little twins and all the wholesome and hair witch content gives us all the vibes. 

What's the weirdest thing you’ve recycled? 
I have a roll top bathtub in my garden that someone was throwing out, I’m either going to plant a veg patch in it or make an outdoor bathroom where I can bathe underneath the stars. 

First memory of being sustainable/waste reducing?
My first memory would have to be backing my books in Oilily Magazines or using VHS video cases as pencil cases for school!

What does sustainability mean to you?
For me sustainably means to invest in the future. To do my best now for a cleaner, greener plant for future generations of my family, it’s a responsibility I take very seriously. 

What has been the hardest thing to let go of in your sustainable journey?
It’s definitely plastic, there is nothing worse than when your handles fall of your paper bag in the rain 😂

Who do you admire in the sustainable living community?
Fashion and blogging wise I admire Caitlin Hare & Elizabeth Whibley in my industry I admire Leaf Scissors and the green salon collective. 

Any tips for shopping sustainable?
Shop independent, Stay creative, think outside the box

How do you create less waste - tips/tricks
Ask questions, it’s ok not to know where to start. Start with small changes, nail them then make a positive change to something else. Like in our house anything that I can make something into I do. Weather that’s old cereal boxes for arts and crafts with my children, to keeping old jars to pack my products into to sell. We even donate our hair from the salon to farmers to plant onto the soil to replace nitrogen that is lost due to over farming, you get a good feeling from it and it becomes addictive

Who to follow?
Me! Haha

Wilderness Hair

Louise King 

Future goals
Ohhh that’s hard. I really like what the guys over at Plastic Tactics are doing and re-comb and your local transition project who build amazing things from ecobricks.