About Us

Hi! We are Reins clothing, and we believe that little steps make BIG impacts. Our small team of artists, skaters and independent women, is on a mission to bring to you a brand that is not only environmentally conscious, but actively impacts our Mother Earth in a positive way! 

Not only this but we believe sustainability is a lifestyle choice that should never be kept out of reach for those less financially inclined. And we find it so often that it is! We hope to bridge this gap between sustainability, affordability, and of course… adorableness. Sustainability and style is the Reins way. 

Rhi, Reins’ mother, is a beautiful and vibrant coastal gal! The sea being a forever fixture in her life, she feels passionate about its preservation and protection. This is where inspiration is drawn for our unique and playful designs! We are always working with up and coming local designers, and our up and coming drop is with none other than Liverpool based ‘Intangible Objects’! We have loved working with intangible’s owner Lydia on our new range and we cannot wait for you to see it! 

Another enticing aspect of Reins, is we absolutely love the communities built around skating, and surfing! You will see this influence in our drops to come. We believe that these communities are amazing for self development, and allow a creative and active way to express oneself and release some endorphins! So if you follow our journey, you’ll discover some amazing kid prodigies in the ways of surfing and skating, representing Reins in some of the coolest ways you could imagine. 

As a sustainable based, and eco friendly company, our main ethos is PROTECTION ! It is our duty to do everything that we can to protect our mother earth from harm, and that is why we only work with companies and distributors that are circular or have progressive environmental standards at their core. This is why we will now be working with hemp fabric! Hemp has some incredible environmental aspects, and makes for a much more sustainable way of manufacturing! 

 Hemp actually increases biodiversity! No pesticides are required so natural systems can flourish. AND the amount of water needed for production is reduced by 85% compared to cotton! This is why we love hemp and can’t wait to start working with it more closely. See our ‘Hemp’ tab on our website to delve into the world of hemp, and why we’re shifting gears to this incredible material for future drops! 

We believe, as a brand and social platform, that it is our duty to fund climate action! This is why we work closely with companies such as C-Free. C-Free not only plants a tree for every Reins item sold, but they also provide assistance in educating companies on how to become carbon neutral. We have developed our understanding on what it means to be a sustainable and eco-friendly company to a great extent due to services such as these