SO! You may have heard that Reins is shifting gears. Our top priority as a sustainable brand, with an eco-friendly ethos is undoubtedly the quality of our products, but more importantly is their impact on the environment! This is why our next drop, and clothing lines moving forward will be primarily made from Hemp!


Our prior drops have been predominantly cotton; although our means of production are air tight, and the majority of our manufacturing is circular and localised, cotton still has some detrimental impact on our environment! While cotton is a natural fibre that can biodegrade at the end of its life, it also relies on harmful pesticides and toxic chemicals for production. 

This is why hemp makes for such an amazing counterpart. Hemp actually increases biodiversity! No pesticides are required so natural systems can flourish. AND the amount of water needed for production is reduced by 85%! This is why we love hemp and can’t wait to start working with it more closely. 

Yes, as you can tell we are very excited about hemp. But how could you not be? You wouldn't believe how beneficial it is for our mother earth! It even acts as nature’s pacifier; the plant actually captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and quickly cleans the air we breathe as a result. Fun fact, for every tonne of hemp produced, 1.63 tonnes of carbon is removed from the air, making hemp a much more effective sequester of carbon dioxide than trees. (And yes, this is our idea of fun) 

Blending sustainability and style, Reins HQ’s move to hemp is also inspired by it’s durability and texture! Hemp is an extremely breathable fabric, as it wicks away moisture, and is actually anti-bacterial. It is also much kinder to sensitive skin, which when it comes to little’s, couldn't be more important! In fact the more it is washed, the more soft it becomes, meaning you can enjoy your Reins gear for years to come! 

Hemp is the perfect upholstery material, as it won’t tear or lose its shape. I know, I know, the more you read the more you’re thinking ‘I want to make my life out of hemp’... well so do we. Here at Reins, environmentalism is the name of the game, and Hemp is the way. We are in the process of working with manufacturers to provide you with the highest quality hemp clothing, and we cannot wait for you to see what we’ve been working on!